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October 2015
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"HEY! modern art & pop culture / Act III "at the Halle Saint-Pierre

HEY!, DEBORAH SIMON, Ursus maritimus, Photo © Dan Wonderly @Plume Voyage Magazine

For its third edition, the magazine HEY! continues the exploration and dissemination of various artistic expressions of the cons-culture: lowbrow art, outsider art, comics and more generally, medias of the street culture. With unreleased artists (Gabriel Brun, Ed Hardy) and exceptional ones (Marion Peck, Ray Abeyta), the exhibition also reveals confidential works like Joël Negri’s, Albert Sallé’s and Alain Bourbonnais’ from the Fabuloserie, emblematic place of the off- standards art movement in France. Premiere in Europe, the Halle Saint-Pierre exhibits the works of Mark Ryden, tutelary figure of surrealism pop. In total, 62 artists from around the world present their creations there.
Until the 13th of March 13, 2016. B.D. www.hallesaintpierre.org

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