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November 2015
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The Shangri-La is going green and vegan

Afternoon Tea 100% Vegan - Shangri-La Hotel, Paris © Winkelmann@Plume Voyage Magazine

While starred chef Christophe Moret offers since the beginning of the summer a menu with “100% Green ‘ diners at La Bauhinia, the Shangri-La launches the first” Afternoon Tea 100% Vegan. ” The pastry chef Michaël Bartocetti allows gourmets to savor the tasty creations made only with fresh, seasonal products. With only vegetable protein, unrefined sugars, fruits and natural flavors regain their position The pastries are gaining lightness and personality. It took three years of sourcing and testing for the Shangri-La team to find the right balance of taste and to imagine a dozen different cakes. B.D.

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