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November 2015
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"Colony" at the School of Fine Arts Chapel

Christophe GIN Saint-Elie, © Christophe GIN pour la Fondation Carmignac @Plume Voyage Magazine

Christophe Gin, winner of the 6th Carmignac photojournalism prize, offers a dive in the heart of Guyana, that he has been exploring since 2001, to testify this multiethnic and compartmentalized society, mosaic of exceptional areas, governed by codes and laws of their own. Outside the cities of the Atlantic coast (Cayenne, Kourou and Saint-Laurent du Maroni), the interior of Guyana, former “Inini territory” only became a French department in 1969. Between gold tradition, primary forests , isolated villages, integration and development difficulties are marking Guyana. Christophe Gin’s work reflects the reality of this land of contrasts, far away from caricatures. B.D.

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