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November 2015
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"Beauty Congo - 1926-2015 - Congo Kitoko" at the Fondation Cartier

Monsengo Shula, Ata Ndele Mokili Ekobaluka (Tôt ou tard le monde changera), © Monsengo Shula, Photo © Florian Kleinefen @Plume Voyage Magazine

Scene of an extraordinary cultural vitality, the Democratic Republic of Congo is in the spotlight here. Taking as starting point the birth of modern painting in Congo in the 1920s, the exhibition traces nearly a century of artistic production. If painting is at the heart of the event, music, sculpture, photography and comics will also have their place and offer the public a unique opportunity to discover the diversity and vivacity of the creativity of the Congolese artists. Given the success of the exhibition, the Fondation Cartier has also extended its opening. B.D.

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