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May 2015
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The Chelsea Hotel by Renoma

The Chelsea Hotel by Renoma © Quentin Legallo

Having opened in 1883, the Chelsea Hotel has always been at the heart of New York’s history. Devised originally according to a social model intended for a communal life, its twelve floors made it one of the tallest in New York. Marginal and dilapidated, the Chelsea Hotel has been frequented by celebrities from around the world (from Titanic survivors to Kerouac, Arthur Miller, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan…) sometimes ex gratia, and sometimes an exchange of works of art. And what better way to create a legend for the whole of the artistic community. As a tribute to this New York building, Maurice and Stéfanie Renoma present two photographic exhibitions, two visions of this unique and special place. The first, Vertige, is a fantastical and personal interpretation of the Chelsea Hotel whilst the other, Tribute to Chelsea Hotel, reflects the irreverence and eroticism of rock icons from the 70s through the eyes of seven photographers.
Until 31st July. B.D.

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