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May 2015
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The Art of the Brick, the folly of Lego

The Art of the Brick, the folly of Lego®

Do you have marvellous memories of whole afternoons spent creating worlds out of multi-coloured little bricks? Are your children fans too? Then you simply must go to see this exhibition! More than one hundred splendid and fascinating works of art constructed with these famous Lego bricks by Nathan Swaya, which reproduce some of the greatest, best-known masterpieces in the world: Le Penseur by Rodin, la Vénus de Milo, Le Cri by Edvard Munch – in which the head and hands protude from the canvas, moving from two to three dimensions – are amongst these awe-inspiring creations. And let’s not forget the 6m skeleton of a T-Rex, which took more than 80000 bricks to make…
Until 30th August. B.D

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