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June 2015
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« Landscape loincloths, geopolitics of a world fabric » at the Maison de l’Afrique

L. Senghor © Collection Bernard Colle

The history of loincloths is eminently geopolitical. The “wax” saga effectively began during the Dutch colonial military campaigns, which led to the Dutch recruiting Ghanaian mercenaries to fight against the English over the domination of Indonesian islands. On their return home, African soldiers carried back these cloths, triggering a fashion trend that is still alive today. Used as pedagogic advertising materials during times of election, these fabrics are true means of communication and even conversion, as evidence of religious loincloths. The exhibition presents a selection of original electoral cloths from the collection of photographer and inexhaustible collector, Bernard Collet. B.D. www.maisondelafrique.fr

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