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June 2015
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"Clet Abraham, Forbidden Games" at the Artistik Rezo Gallery

« Clet Abraham, Forbidden Games » at the Artistik Rezo Gallery © DR

Known for his re-workings of traffic light signals, Clet Abraham chooses to explore here the world of emotions and frustrations, by confronting different themes such as love, sex and innocence. Like a child in a park, this street artists uses urban space like playground and questions our attitude towards such taboos. How far how we push the rules and brush against the forbidden? “My work on traffic signals is illegal, I admit it. By definition, the law is always far behind reality and, as a consequence, it cannot assert itself without recognising its relative component” explains the Breton artist, who now lives in Florence.
Until 10th July. B.D. www.artistilrezo.com

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