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June 2015
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12th Edition of "Jardins Jardin" in the Tuileries

12th Edition of « Jardins Jardin » in the Tuileries © Aude SIRVAIN

An event dedicated to gardens and exterior designers, to those “tiny urban natures” that we so appreciate, the “Jardins Jardin” once again establishes itself in the heart of the Tuileries. This year, twelve large gardens, created by renowned landscapers, plus around twenty terraces and balconies, one hundred exhibitors, nursery designer, conferences and workshops comprise this 12th edition, which revolves around a “happy city” theme. More than ever, the quality of life in a city is a central preoccupation. Major climatic stakes present us with various questions and are at the heart of current affairs. The role of the urban garden largely exceeds its purely aesthetic role. With the support of biodiversity, it is nutritive in the wake of the rise of city farms, short circuit generators and virtuous carbon records. “Jardins Jardin” is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
Until 7th June. B.D.

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