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July 2016
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G.IV the landmark for gourmets

restaurant G.IV. news parisiennes juillet 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

Going from bank to gastronomy? Géric did not hesitate. Tired of numbers, he embarked on the adventure by creating a hybrid place, both restaurant, wine cellar and delicatessen, the G.IV. In this address in the heart of the Sentier, everything is good, carefully selected products by the young man for their excellence. Whether the famous macaroons of Saint-Emilion, canned Spanish fish or a fine selection of wine and beer, we can only get excited. So many products to take away or to eat in the restaurant. No fuss in the proposed food but exceptional charcuterie plates, dishes and pies of the day which means that the menu really changes every day. As for wines? Well here the choice is opposite of what is practiced in other restaurants: according to your preferences, Géric will be pleased to offer you the food to accompany it.

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