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July 2016
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Amanda Sthers reinvents "Fortune Cookies"

Kiss and Fly Cookies, Amanda Sthers réinvente les Fortune Cookies. news parisiennes juillet 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Anne-Emmanuelle Thion

The young woman is best known for her novels and plays. But what is less known is that Amanda Sthers is also a gourmet and she had long dreamed of creating Fortune Cookies worthy of the name in France. Together with her childhood friend Marc Beaucourt, she created Kiss and Fly and reinvents this butterfly cookie with a small message. After testing hundreds of recipes, the duo managed to find the right balance between finesse and crisp flavors and selected four flavors: nature, sesame, pistachio and coconut. Inside, written words turned to the awakening of the mind and a questioning about life. Every sentence is a suggested starting point by chance. What a program to find in the Yoom and Galeries Gourmandes shops, Porte Maillot.

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