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January 2016
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"The interior of the night - George Shiras" at the Museum of Hunting and Nature

George-Shiras,-Cerf-de-Virginie,-Whitefish-Lake.-Parisian NEws-PLUME-VOYAGE-january-2016.-@plumevoyagemagazine-©-National-Geographic-Creative-Archives

Hunter, naturalist, photographer, lawyer and politician, George Shiras committed in various ways to the preservation of the animal world. Leading the way, from the 1880s, of the wild life photography, he also was the first to reveal, through its flash photography, nightlife of forest animals. He offers deep and phantasmagorical images of a mysterious and hitherto unseen world. The exhibition is presenting for the first time since his death in 1942 the work of this American photographer and pioneer. B.D.

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