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January 2016
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"Renzo Piano Building Workshop, the Piano Method" at the Cité of Architecture and Heritage

Renzo-Piano-Alphaville-Koyasan-guest-house.-parisian NEws-PLUME-VOYAGE-january-2016.-@plumevoyagemagazine-©-DR

The art of building and assembling is Renzo Piano’s trademark, born in a family of builders whose projects are experimentations in the technical field at an urban scale. Because if there is a driving thread in his work, it is the relationship with the city. Designing the highest tower in Europe on a London train station, inserting a small building block in a Haussmann district in Paris, developing an eco-neighborhood in the north of Italy or registering the new Maltese Parliament in the City of knights in La Vallette are such challenges that Renzo Piano and his team love to meet. B.D.

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