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January 2015
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Paris-London, the Bistrot Family. Courtesy of the Bistrot Family

Fish & Chips is to Paris as lentils ‘petit salé’ is to London in mid-winter: and it works! And yet, nestled between the Rue des canettes and Chez Castel, there is a most warming canteen, a gem discovered one winter’s lunchtime by the Bistrot Family. And this short, effective menu boasts several guest stars…with a choice of prawns or cod, a single tank that creates a refined and soft Fish&Chips experience. French fries are fully fluffy and, to finish, a light cheesecake (keeping in with the theme of the meal). This means, in short, no more bread and one to add to your ‘light bites’ repertoire, in the middle of the 6th. With or without kids. Open everyday except Sunday evening.

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