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February 2017
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Artisan de la Truffe and the Eclair de Génie are co-signing a delight

Eclair - Artisan de la Truffe X L'Eclair de Génie. février 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

On the occasion of the “Métro, boulot, gâteaux” event at the BHV Marais, until February 22nd, Artisan de la Truffe is presenting on the menu an ephemeral dessert made by the pastry chef Christophe Adam, from the Eclair de Génie. Seduced by the subtlety of the summer truffle, he chose to create a truffle chocolate éclair. And to exhale all the aromas, he marries it to a 72% Araguani dark chocolate. The choux pastry of this eclair thus contains a purée of summer truffle mixed with a chocolate cream. The frosting, the master stage of the Eclair de Génie creations, is created with a caramelised cocoa grater and cocoa powder.

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