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February 2016
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Take a trip to Korea at the Bekseju Village

Bekseju Village. parisian news february 2016. PLUME VOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR.jpg

Married to a Korean, Laurent Meuret is an inspired restaurant chef and the Bekseju Village offers a real dive in the heart of Korean soul. Here, refined atmosphere and minimalist decor are the setting for authentic cuisine – the whole kitchen team is Korean – tasty and (sometimes strongly) spicy. All the gastronomy classics are here, minute-made. They go perfectly with the superb bekseju collection, the iconic Korean beverage made from fermented rice wine and complemented with herbs. Either we prefer the small tables by the window or the large guest table, service is charming and the host is attentive to every need of its customers. A real nice place to escape. B.D.

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