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February 2016
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"Stars - Nicolas Le Riche and Clairemarie Osta, a contemporary history of classical dance" at the Elephant Paname

ETOILES, Elephant Paname Pointes de Claire Marie Osta. Parisian news february 2016-PLUME-VOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

For its first exhibition of the year, Elephant Paname puts light on the lives of two of the greatest dancers of the Paris Opera, the mythical couple Nicolas Le Riche and Clairemarie Osta. To discover and go through the magnificent star duo’s legendary career, a unique collection of works: photographs and films take you from rehearsals to stage performances. A journey complemented by costumes and accessories, as well as paintings and works belonging to them. A dive into the world of classical dance, as mysterious as magic.
Until the 29th of May. B.D. www.elephantpaname.com

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