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December 2015
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The exhibition "Daum artists variations » is extending

Daum, Salvador Dali, Montre molle. Les News Parisiennes de PLUME VOYAGE de décembre 2015. @plumevoyagemagazine ©DR

In view of its success, the Espace Dali is extending until the 14th of February the exhibition devoted to collaborations between Daum and many artists. To revive a “general know-how confined to the production of utilitarian or decorative objects,” Daum was also likely to leave Caesar, the Cellini of scrap, and Arman, a man of anger, feared for their disobedience and their unconventionality tormenting the crystal paste. He continued with Bernard Séchas, Mesnager, which is not necessarily expected at the decorative arts. The result: they carve hyaline bodies, cut icons into slices magnifying the crack, sag, encouraging the unpredictable.

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