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April 2015
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Viva Caffè Stern

Caffè Stern © Caffè Stern

Over the past few years, Passage des Panoramas has become one of the top Parisian gourmet spots. And its latest opening is none other than the highly-anticipated Caffè Stern. It has to be said that the names associated with the creation of this brand new restaurant are certainly of interest: David Lahner, founder of multiple businesses (Paradis, Racines, Noglu, Vivant, Le Bon Saint-Pourçain), chef Massimiliano Alaimo, who brings both beauty and brilliance, and Philippe Stark, who needs no introduction. Located on the classy premises of the former Stern publishing/printing house, this triple-starred chef from Padoue and his brother Raffaele knew exactly how to recreate a timeless atmosphere. Whether dropping in for a coffee (with one of the most wonderful menus of its kind in Paris) or a proper meal, this reorientation is everything. You can imagine yourself in Milan, Venice, Bologne…in short, anywhere but Paris.

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