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September 2016
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"Edme Bouchardon - An idea of beauty » at the the Louvre, Paris.

Edme Bouchardon, L’Amour se faisant un arc de la massue d’Hercule. c’est maintenant septembre 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © RMN - Grand Palais, Hervé Lewandowski

Considered during his time as an exceptional artist, Edme Bouchardon became the king’s sculptor and the promoter of the revival in the arts,

“the greatest sculptor and best designer of the century” according to Cochin. The aesthetics of Bouchardon, analyzed as a balance between the ancient reference and fidelity to nature, is beautifully transcribed by his numerous drawings, ardently sought by elite collectors of his time, as well as its earthenware models and sculptures. Artist virtuoso widely sought by the elite, he knew very early also to rely on a strong network of publishers, booksellers and influential fans in Europe to establish his reputation.
From September 14 to December 5. www.louvre.fr

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