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September 2015
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"The Wrath of the Gods : Masterpieces by Rubens, Michelangelo and Titian"

Study for Prometheus, 1612, Frans Snyders On loan from The British Museum, London Donated by Count Antoine Seilern - Plume Voyage Magazine

at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Phildephia. The exhibition focuses on

one of the finest works by the great Flemish painter Rubens, Prométhée enchaîné. This ambitious, large-scale painting, described by the artist himself as “the flower of my stock,” will be presented alongside works by the Renaissance and Baroque masters who inspired Rubens’s dramatic treatment of the eternal torment to which the Titan Prometheus was condemned by Zeus for giving the gift of fire to humanity. These include Michelangelo’s famous drawing of the Titan Tityus, on loan from the British Royal Collection, and Titian’s large canvas depicting the same subject from the collection of the Museo del Prado.
Until the 6th of december. B.D. www.philamuseum.org

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