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September 2014
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« Rythme » at the Galerie Laure Roynette, Paris.

Pesanteur Muette by Anais de Chabaneix. Courtesy of Galerie Laure Roynette.

The Parisian gallery unveils a new exhibition by Noëlle and Anaïs de Chabaneix, a dialogue between musical rythme, light and silence.

A collection of pure and powerful works, fabricated in raw materials: sheaths of metal, stone and glass. In a gradual evolution revolving around form and sonorous or visual language, Anaïs de Chabaneix and Noëlle endeavour, in their choice of materials and objects, to raise the profile of something a priori tactile and to silence an audible sound: to freeze an action or word, holding it in suspense. Through bizarre and contradictory associations in terms of materials and references, these artists play on the inversion of the senses, shining a light upon the complexity of our perception.
Until 21st Setptember.

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