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September 2014
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« L’une et l’autre » at the Galerie Ikono, Brussels.

Point de croix by Marie Rudnitska, at Galerie Ikono. Courtesy of Aurore Association.

These various works of photography based on the theme of identity produced by 25 sheltered women and accompanied by the Aurore association questions the connection between genres.

As part of the biannual « Summer of Photography », this exhibition exemplifies the work of these women who are experiencing or have experienced a situation of great distress, helplessness and resignation. Thanks to the support of the Aurore Association, they can broadcoast their voice and their vision of vision across pieces including “Roadmaps”, “Animal Totem” and “Meetings”. This variety show is a result of exchanges between these photographic females and professionals who guide these artists throughout their journey.
Until 27th September.

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