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September 2014
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« Argentina, the land on the other side of the world » at the Maison des Amériques Latines, Paris.

Photo 1: Argentina Glacier Perito Moreno, Santa Cruz Province, Photo 2: Argentina, Chili, Calchaquies Valleys, Province of Salta. © Florian von der Fecht

The country of conquests and the land of adventure, Argentina fascinates travellers with a quest ‘to the edge of the earth’.

This exhibition allows you to roam through this mythical territory, a symbol of open space, through the photography of Florian von der Fecht. This photographer-traveller has surveyed Argentina from every angle, from the vertiginous Andes to the endless horizons of Patagonia. From his numerous travels, he brings back captivating snapshots that express his love for this country and its sublime landscape.
From 22nd September to 11th December.

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