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October 2015
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"Istanbul-Antwerp. Two harbours. Two Cities « at MAS | Museum Aan of Stroom, Antwerp.

Europalia Campagne Beeld © DR @Plume Voyage Magazine

As part of the Europalia Turkey art festival, the exhibition brings together works by ten artists who examine the critical role that water held in the rise of Istanbul and emphasize the similarities with Antwerp.

Where water and land meet, civilizations also encounter . Where men do business, have access to other worlds, they exchange ideas and absorb the differences. These human interactions, combined with harbour infrastructure and new materials such as steel and concrete, have played a major role in the development of cities such as Antwerp and Istanbul, and their environment. The exhibition includes videos, films and installations by contemporary Turkish artists and a selection of unique treasures illustrating the past of these two harbour cities.
Until the 24th of” January 2016.
B.D. www.mas.be

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