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October 2015
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“Florence, Portraits at the court of the Medicis” at the Jacquemart-André Museum, Paris.

Bronzino Eleonora di Toledo © DR @Plume Voyage Magazine

In the 16th century, the art of portraiture became increasingly common among the Florentine elite, who had found in it a means of capturing their facial characteristics and social status for posterity.

The exhibition unites the great Florentine portrait painters, around approximately 40 works of art. Through the eyes of the painters experimenting with new ways of representing their contemporaries, the exhibition allows visitors to appreciate the style developments of the Cinquecento, a particularly eventful century in cultural and religious terms. The early 16th century portraits of the republican period in all their gravitas gave way to heroic representations of men at war, symbols of military and political conflicts that led the Medici to seize power in Florence in 1530.
Until the 25th of January. B.D. www.musee-jacquemart-andre.com

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