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November 2015
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"Robert Capa and color" at the Château de Tours.

Pablo Picasso joue dans l’eau avec son fils Claude près de Vallauris, Robert Capa. International Center of Photography, New York. © Robert Capa/nternational Center of Photography/Magnum Photos @Plume Voyage Magazine

Recently presented in New York on the walls of the International Center of Photography, the exhibition for the first time color presents colored photos of Robert Capa.

Best known for his black and white images, technique of which he was a teacher, he regularly worked in color from 1941 on, using this medium until his death in 1954. While some of these images were published at the time in magazines, the vast majority of them have never been printed on paper or seen in any form whatsoever.
Until the 29th of May, 2016. B.D.

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