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November 2013
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«Picasso céramiste et la Méditerranée» at the City of ceramics, Sèvres.

Exhibition «Picasso céramiste et la Méditerranée» at the City of ceramics, Sèvres © Picasso Bacchanale A 1950

The meeting of a couple of potters, Suzanne and Georges Ramé in Vallauris, will give rise to nearly 4,000 works made by Picasso between 1946 to 1971.

In the Madura atelier, about 600 original creations were made according to two principles

: some works have been precisely replicated by the craftsmen of the workshop, and a few copies have been made by hand. Other pieces have been published in a larger format. The Madura atelier closed in 2008, but Alain Ramie, son of Suzanne, approached the City of ceramics to gather together all the matrices, casts, stamps and technical parts used in the design of this corpus. For this exhibition, over 150 works are being presented, including some never seen before from private and public collections. This retrospective of the ceramic work of Picasso evokes the strong link between the artist and the Mediterranean, the shapes and the colors offer a vision of his own creation of the world.
From 20 November to 19 May 2014

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