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November 2013
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«Etincelles» at the Villa Emerige, Paris.

Exhibition: «Etincelles» at the Villa Emerige, Paris

An original exhibition, organized in partnership with the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, presents works done by patients in art therapy workshops or hospitals.

This presentation of works by over 130 artists, a first for the AP-HP which has agreed to open its archives, shows the “sparks” (etincelles is French for ‘sparks’) of

creativity of patients who have expressed – some for the first time at an advanced age – their desire paint or sculpt. Sometimes naive, often very expressive, always testimony to a willingness on the part of patients to give their best, the works presented are as much sparks of talent, as they are lights that illuminate the lives of the patients.
Until November 27

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