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May 2015
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"Shared Sacred Sites" at Mucem, Marseille.

Photo 1:Musulmane en priaereoea © Mucem Idemec Manoel Penicaud - Photo 2:Notre Dame Oea © Mucem Idemec Manoel Penicaud

The question of religious identities is a highly sensitive one, amongst those raised by ‘living together’ in the Mediterranean. From this point of view,

the inner seas seem to represent a space of separation and conflict. Shaking certainties, destroying prejudice and questioning what we all share, in every sense of the word; this is the ambition of the exhibition that, through contemporary accounts and historic pieces, immerses visitors in the heart of shared sacred sites as perceived by followers of different religions. A necessary reminder in these troubled times.
Until 31st August. B.D

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