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March 2015
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"Women of the World" at Maisons du Voyage, Paris.

"Women of the World" at Maisons du Voyage, Paris. Hyatt - Ethiopia © Floriane de Lassée. Courtesy of Les Maisons du Voyage

As part of International Women’s Day on 8th March, the Maisons du voyage celebrates womankind across an exhibition that spreads itself across three sites, around the Saint-Sulpice Square.

Whether famous or anonymous, these women share one thing; they have all marked their era with a pose or action that changed the course of history forever. Whether they are elegant, passionate, rebellious, courageous, tireless activists, idolised or even sacrificed, they opted to go against the expectations of their time and knew how to cast a critical eye on their era. Some of these portraits were painted by Fabrizio Ruggiero; other women, who were simply anonymous, both ordinary and extraordinary, have been photographed by Marc Riboud and Floriane de Lassée, from all around the world.
Until 6th June

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