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June 2016
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Art Viewing x West is the Best.

West is the Best Ludarista 1. c’est maintenant juin 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Edgar Flauw

On the occasion of the release of the second installment of West is the Best,

Art Viewing offers to discover artists who have a common passion: surfing. Art Viewing honors in a pop-up store a selection of ten works from sculpture to design and photography, through painting. All with a common discourse: the fascination for the ocean. West is the Best is a manifesto on the relationship between art and surfing. In this second volume, edited by Room Number, the designer Joran Briand went to meet twenty personalities organizing their lives around surfing. After California, it is the French coast that guided his inspiration. West is the Best is a hymn to departure. Let’s go West!
Until July 9th. www.art-viewing.com

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