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June 2016
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"Amazon, the shaman and the thought of the forest ‘ at the Ethnography Museum, Geneva

Diadème cérémoniel masculin me-àkà, C’est Maintenant Juin 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © MEG, J. Watts

The MEG (Ethnography Museum of Geneva) maintains one of the largest Amazonian ethnographic collections in Europe, both by the quality of objects, their origin, the diversity of cultures represented there, by the numbers.

The exhibition is a testimony to the history and future of indigenous peoples who, since the arrival of the first settlers on their land, survive the pioneer fronts to exogenous diseases, programs of “pacification” of settlement and other outreaches they have been the object of. Iridescent feather headdresses, blowguns, bows and arrows in curare, everyday objects … the exhibition presents some 500 objects, photographs and films and shows Native American cultures as they were observed from the eighteenth to twenty-first century.
Until 8 January 2017. www.meg-geneve.ch

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