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June 2015
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"Gold and Ivory" at the Louvre, Lens.

Anges dits de Saudemont © Musée des Beaux Arts d'Arras, Photo Claude Theriez

Although it was brief, the period 1250-1320 was marked by decisive evolution in Europe, especially the political, economic and social landscapes as well as intellectual and artistic spheres. The renewal of thought altered the understanding of

the world and therefore the ways in which it was presented. In parallel, art witnessed important technical innovations and the emerging of major personalities. Over time, creators were considered not only as artisans representing the Church but also as artists for society. Thus, the second half of the 8th century also plays a role in the history of art: as a complex apogee, which is very different according to the perspectives it offers.
Until 28th September. B.D. www.louvrelens.fr

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