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June 2014
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« Talking to the trees »

Talking to the trees, film by Freddi Guido and Ilaria Borrell

A film by Freddi Guido and Ilaria Borrelli, Talking to the Trees tackles the difficult themes of child prostitution and the sexual abuse of minors.

Filmed in Cambodia and presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013, the movie traces the story of Mia (played by the director), a young Parisian photographer who, jaded by her life, decides to join her husband in Cambodia for his birthday. But our protagonist finds him in a brothel with a ten year-old girl. Buying back the little girl’s freedom and those of two others in the same situation, they set out on a journey into the jungle to find their families and rediscover their freedom. Talking to the Trees is a project supported by Amnesty International, Unicef and ECPAT, a network of organisations and people who strive to put an end to « the sexual exploitation of children as tradable commodities ».
In cinemas now.

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