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June 2014
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«Oscar Munoz/Kati Horna, Protographes » at the Musée du Jeu de Paume in Paris.

Photo1: Cortinas De Bano, Collection Banca de Republicà, Bogota Photo2: Oscar Munoz, Aliento, Courtesy the artist artiste Oscar Munoz

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Musèe du Jeu de Paume presents images by Oscar Munoz, Colombia’s most emblematic artist, alongside those by Kati Horna.

Across his protean work, which fluctuates freely between photography, engraving, painting, installation, video and sculpture, Oscar Munoz reflects on the mind’s ability to retain images. If photographic ontology consists of definitively and eternally capturing the mobile image, you could say that his work is centred in a previous (or alternative) temporal space in a truly decisive moment where the fixed image resides, this proto-moment where it is poised to emerge, photographed at last. Turning to the first retrospective dedicated to Kati Horna, she retraces more than six decades of production in Hungary, France, Spain and Mexico. Mexican by adoption, she forms part of the generation of Hungarian photographers compelled to leave their motherland at the dawn of the 1930s.
Until 21st September.

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