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July 2016
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"La Folie du Chien pelé" in Tain l'Hermitage

Installation La Folie du Chien pelé à Tain l’Hermitage. breves de voyages juillet 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Association La Sauce Singulière

Just like the follies of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the installation at the top of the hill of Tain l'Hermitage was created by the association La Sauce Singulière, based in Lyon.

This monumental work made of wood, nets, photo reproduction on textile flying in the wind is the culmination of a learning path that reveals the name of Hermitage. For the curious ones, a riddle written on a board is calling the walker “I am 83 printemps years-old, I have 710 hands and thousands of props. Who am I ? “Answer on site …
Until the end of September. www.cavedetain.com

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