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July 2015
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« Biarritz and fashion » at the Editions Atlantica.

« Biarritz and fashion » at the Editions Atlantica © DR

Since its “discovery” by Queen Eugénie, Biarritz has been a focal point for glamorous people around the world.

Over the centuries, no fewer that twenty-five couture houses have set themselves up in the centre of this imperial city, creating fashion and demonstrating a constantly renewed creative energy. Worth, Paquin, Poiret, Chanel, Lanvin, Hermès, Balencienga and Courrèges are just a few that have dressed insatiable clientele for luxury parties – notably that hosted by the Marquis d’Arcangues – but also sporty chic daytime outfits and nighttime glamour. Nathalie Bau de Loménie, granddaughter of couturier Germaine Long-Savigny who set up her own couture house in Biarritz, has written a book detailing the extremely rich iconography that spans three fashion centuries, even including surfer outfits.
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