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July 2014

“Ecrin/Jewellery Box” at the Lavitrine Gallery, Limoges.

Monika Brugger, Flower Finger 2005 Silver Rings, Gold L. 3.3 cm and 2.8 cm (for the silver parts), Single Room Photo: Corinne Janier, Paris, Courtesy of the artist and gallery UNA

Lavitrine plays host to a previously unseen collective exhibition that focuses on the role of jewellery in modern art.

A mixture of daily and luxury objects, “Ecrin/Jewellery Box” comprises of a displaced, embellished world of chests of drawers and sofas. The exhibition presents a body of work that, through their shapes and materials, recalls the most classic of ornaments; rings, bracelets, broaches and necklaces. But besides its decorative purposes, the jewellery has multiple functions. The ‘works of jewellery’ sparks a sense of curiosity.
Until 26th July.

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