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January 2017
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Paris: «Haiti»

Paris, Haïti de Corentin Fohlen à la Fisheye Gallery. c’est maintenant 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

by Corentin Fohlen at the Fisheye Gallery.

Of Haiti, we know mainly the images of the earthquake of 2010, the population wandering on the streets devastated, the appalling health and humanitarian situation. This is also what Corentin Fohlen knew before coming back in 2012 and exploring the most surprising and unexpected aspects. For this exhibition, the Fisheye Gallery has extracted the most emblematic images, far from the miserabilistic imagery. The photographer preferred to turn his objective towards the reality of Haiti today: the emergence of wealthy classes, the full development of tourism, but also the ambiguous relations between humanitarian organizations and the local population. Images far from the stereotypes that have long made Haiti a place of misery and disaster.
Until March 1st. Www.fisheyegallery.fr

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