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January 2017
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Lens: «Mirrors» at the Louvre

Marcel Gromaire, Nu se mirant. PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Paris, Adagp

Between mystery, truth and illusion, the mirror is a complex object.

Emblematic tool of painting imitating the real, it is also the indispensable accessory of the painter realizing his self-portrait or the artist in search of varied points of view on his subject. Perfect imitator, deceiver, revealer, object of reflection, mise en abyme, even of divination, the reflection of a mirror is never univocal. From works dating from antiquity to nowodays, the exhibition invites the visitor to sharpen his gaze, to wonder about what he sees or thinks he sees.
Until 18 September. Www.louvrelens.fr

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