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January 2016
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"Parmigianino, 1503-1540" at the Louvre, Paris.

Parmigianino,-Ritratto-di-un-giovane-uomo. It's Now-PLUME-VOYAGE-january-2016.-@plumevoyagemagazine-©-DR

From Parma to Casalmaggiore, via Rome and Bologna, the exhibition follows step by step the feverish evolution of one of the most beautiful hands of Italian design.

During the first decades of the sixteenth century appeared a new style that was soon imposing itself throughout Europe: mannerism. Francesco Marrola aka Parmigianino (the “little Parmesan”), was one of the leading players of this art. Early and incredibly skillful draftsman, a brilliant and charming elegance, endowed with the genius of youth until his death at 37 years old, he was seen as the new Raphael by his contemporaries … Which he was not or not only.
Until the 15th of February 15. B.D. www.louvre.fr

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