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January 2016
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"Living - Benjamin Graindorge"

Benjamin Graindorge, MorningMist & Mirage. it's now january 2016-PLUME-VOYAGE.-@plumevoyagemagazine-© Ymer&Malta

at the National Tapestry Gallery in Beauvais.

First monographic exhibition dedicated to young designer Benjamin Graindorge, “Living” presents fifteen pieces edited by Ymer & Malta, between 2009 and 2015, including one exclusively designed to be exhibited at the Gallery and integrate the collections of the city of Beauvais. Indescribable with a strong lightness, Benjamin Graindorge’s poetic implication offers, without ever overstepping the fleeting vision of landscapes captured at a T time: terrestrial elements such as a tree lying on the forest floor, a suite of dunes that seems to undulate under the gaze, suspended elements in the atmosphere such as a clouds race … A lexicon of inspiration for objects, furniture from where “free » ornamentation is banned to leave room for that essential feature, translated by the gesture of the craftsman, reflecting the designer’s will.
Until the 30th of April. B.D. www.culture.beauvais.fr

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