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January 2016
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"Infinite Mattotti" at the Hélène and Edouard Leclerc Funds, Alnderneau.

Mattotti,-Nell'acqua. it's now-PLUME-VOYAGE-january-2016.-@plumevoyagemagazine-©-Lorenzo-Mattotti-®-FHEL-2015

The paintings and drawings by Lorenzo Mattotti illustrated the covers of many titles of the European and American press.

The most famous publishers and musicians have used his illustrator talents for their books and posters. Each of its cartoons marked the history of the 9th art. Lorenzo Mattotti lent his art to the great texts of modern literature. His sense of color an lines earned him prestigious collaborations with great directors. Never before had Lorenzo Mattott enjoyed a retrospective in France letting us discover all facets of his art, a work both mysterious and beautiful.

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