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January 2016
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"I like panoramas" at the Mucem, Marseille.

Elina-Brotherus,-Der-Wanderer. It's now-PLUME-VOYAGE-january-2016.-@plumevoyagemagazine-©-Elina-Brotherus-Adagp

Mountain ranges or Mediterranean coasts, some places have the ability to offer their visitors privileged views that give the feeling of dominating the world, owning it or dissolving into it.

At the heart of the scenic phenomenon: the central role of the gaze, a certain ownership of the world that is flowing out, the feeling of dominating a situation just by the broad and complete vision that one can have … By giving the illusion of reality sometimes to the point of competing with it, the various forms of panoramas thus wonder about the construction of the gaze. The exhibition seeks to show how the panorama go beyond the usual categories of representation and asks the question of our relationship to the world, mass tourism, consumption of formatted points of view, picture as source of entertainment.
Until the 29th of February.

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