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January 2014
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«Les Etrusques et la Méditerranée» at the Louvre-Lens.

Exhibition «Les Etrusques et la Méditerranée» at the Louvre-Lens : © Louvre-Lens Les_Étrusques et la Méditerranée, Acrotère Cheval ailé

For its first archaeological exhibition, the Louvre-Lens is presenting the Etruscan civilization through the portrait of a city – Cerveteri, the best known and one of the major Ancient Mediterranean cities.

The rich archaeological, cultural and artistic heritage of the city has been gradually discovered over the centuries.

More than 400 pieces from the major collections in Europe are being reunited with the Sarcophagus of the Spouses, the jewel of Etruscan collections from the Louvre Museum, exhibited for the first time outside of Paris. This is a close-up look that allows us to address for the first time a portrait of a city that played such an important role in the Ancient Mediterranean comparable to that of Athens, Carthage and Rome.
Until March 10

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