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February 2017
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Paris: "Identities"

Identités à la Maison européenne de la photo. c’est maintenant février 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Vincent Perez

at the Maison européenne de la photo.

Vincent Perez is known for his film career, but his passion for photography dates back to his adolescence and his apprenticeship at a portraitist. Since 2008, he has decided to go back to his first love and to use his equipment. He began to work on the dancers of the Bolshoi troupe before continuing with a series of portraits that possess unreal grace. Vincent Perez chose the identity issue through the Congolese in Paris and the Russians in their vast country. He also raises the question of his own identity. Actor, comedian, director, screenwriter, public man, what is the photographer’s place in this litany? In this exhibition he perfectly deciphers the dramatic art of life that unfolds in front of his eyes to capture an instant of truth that oscillates between the documentary and the staging.
Until April 9th. Www.mep-fr.org

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