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December 2015
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"Les Magritte disparus" at musée-maison René Magritte, Brussels.

Magritte, Vampire. It's now PLUME VOYAGE december-2015. @plumevoyagemagazine ©DR

René Magritte became a painter there nearly a century ago, in 1916, and completed his work in 1967.

Half a century of creativity which generated some 1,100 paintings and 600 awesome watercolors and collages. There will not be another Magritte. But all these years, some have disappeared or been destroyed. Part of the work that presents the exhibition is a collection of paintings, gouaches and objects, forgotten for years, but of high quality. Both by the themes represented only once, because some are building an essential link in his work. Now Magritte’s work is truly complete.
Until December 21. B.D. www.magrittemuseum.be

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