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December 2014
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The Changeover.

Hugo Mulliez & François-Xavier Trancart © Artsper

Having barely reached the age of twenty-five, Hugo Mulliez (son of Gérard, founder of Auchan) and François-Xavier Trancart have recently raised a grand total of 300 000 € for their online gallery Artsper.

The idea? “To simplify contemporary art”. In other words, don’t allow art to become a sport for the rich…with a selection of pieces whose prices start at less than 500 €. And like other works, has been the subject of a meticulously selection from hundreds of partner galleries around the world. This flexible price policy is part of a desire to support up-and-coming artists that have yet to fully establish themselves. In short, things are starting to gel, along with the promise of an exciting future! Definitely one to watch…

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