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December 2014
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Lido reborn!

Dragone Costume Illustration Lido. Courtesy of LIDO

The legendary cabaret closed its doors on 2nd December, taking up a new direction.

First of all, the hall now offers a facelift, with almost 30 names of French handicrafts who will work for four months; this will be followed by a brand new review managed by the daring Franco Dragone, who is bound to surprise amateurs. This director has become accustomed to overseeing the greatest shows in the world (he directed the first ten years of Cirque du Soleil and Celine Dion’s shows in Las Vegas…) and has spent a year and a half in the archives of the City of Light to create this most glamourous of shows with 20 different scenes, 600 costumes and a 12m high chandelier…“As we are staging this show on the most beautiful avenue in the world, I want to push the limits of my wildest dreams” concludes the director. We can’t wait to hear the reactions to the premiere, which takes place on 2nd of April next year.

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